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4U2NV Clothing is proud to announce the re-launch of “Oshodi Clothing Company”, created with the goal of satisfying consumers’ fashion appetite for casual, yet distinctive designer wears.

The new clothing line can be found at its recently launched website, www.oshodiclothing.com

"Our design inspiration is the mysterious appeal of our unique logo,” says Oshodi Olawale, founder and lead designer. Our apparel expresses the ‘many faces’ of an individual’s inner personalities. They can be edgy and unpredictable, yet still sexy and sophisticated. Our target audience is the seductive diva and highly sought-after ladies’ man,” The company releases styles each month.

I started the business back in 2004 with the name 4U2NV Clothing because I believed I could make a shirt better than anybody else and also a shirt that is simple, but unique. But, due to my educational career then (I am a graduate of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Lagos state University), I could not achieve much.

We now fully operate from our flagship shop in Surulere, as well as through mail order. We are proud to have grown to become one of the best makers of quality formal and custom-made wears.Surulere, in Lagos State has been famous for its quality fashion designers for so many years. It has since become home to the finest quality shirt makers in Nigeria.

4U2NV/OSHODI Clothing Co. will be able to offer fantastic quality service to all those able to visit Surulere, to other customers around the country, and the rest of world. We are proud to deliver good new-fashioned values straight to your door.

Oshodi Clothing Co. has been designing and supplying apparel since 2004. The company has also designed and distributed upscale wears to several individuals located in Nigeria, UK, and USA. As well as formal (for men) and custom-made wears (for both male and female),our women’s collection is expanding rapidly and includes durable materials, unique designs and good sewing made with the same high attention to detail as our men’s collection in the formal and custom-made wears.

For more information on the Oshodi Clothing line,
Phone : 0802 828 8061 , 0704 343 6863
BB Pin : 23707FD8



Phones : +234 802 828 8061 , +234 704 343 6863
Emails : orders@oshodiclothing.com , info@oshodiclothing.com
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